Spruce Up Your Yard With Rare & Unique Trees

Ask our experts which large trees are right for your property in Woodbury & Naugatuck, CT

Every tree is unique in the way it grows and the climate it requires, so if you're interested in planting rare trees in the Woodbury & Naugatuck, CT area, turn to a specialist who knows how to care for each one. At Young's at Three Rivers, we grow a huge variety of trees and specialize in the rare and unique. We can offer professional advice about which ones will grow best in your yard. Then we'll deliver and plant them, while giving you any nutrient materials they need to thrive. We have any other tree you could be looking for!

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6 good reasons to plant more trees

6 good reasons to plant more trees

You'll find a wide range of trees large and small up to 30 feet tall at our nursery that can:

  1. Provide your yard with much-needed shade.
  2. Improve your curb appeal and property value.
  3. Increase privacy by blocking your yard from view.
  4. Enhance the air quality on your property.
  5. Reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  6. Produce fruits for your enjoyment

See for yourself how planting large trees can enhance any property. Call 203-266-9136 now to speak with a tree expert serving the Woodbury & Naugatuck, CT area.